Advent Reflection 18

“When they saw that the star had stopped, they were overwhelmed with joy.” – Matthew 2:10.


How wonderful for us to consider that after such an arduous and long journey, one always accompanied by the faithful, stellar and life-giving presence of God, the Kings had a wonderful inspirational moment of realisation: that all they had hoped and longed for and travelled so far to see was now within their grasp.


Jesus, joy of all our hearts, you send your life-affirming Holy Spirit upon us. She comes to reawaken a simple trust within us. Through her cleansing flame, we realise that a simple desire for God brings our soul back to life.


Might we this day take just a moment of stillness to allow ourselves to be overwhelmed with a deep and immovable joy as we consider something of the constant faithfulness and vivifying presence of God in our lives.

David Campbell, Chaplain of Sherborne School

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