Join the Friends of St. Mary’s

St. Mary’s Church Beaminster has been a place for people to pray, to admire, and to love for hundreds of years. Today it continues to serve the town and surrounding area. As well as being open on Sundays for a variety of services it is also available throughout the week for gatherings of one sort or another. But there is no getting away from the fact there is a cost involved. The Church has its own fundraising events and the Friends joins in with attempting to raise cash for the church’s needs. The Friends maintains a link between the church and the people of Beaminster.

The invitation to join The Friends is open to everyone and anyone who is interested in this church regardless of religious persuasion. Becoming a Friend is one of the best ways to help keep this church open for today’s people and for those of tomorrow.

By joining the Friends of St. Mary’s you will help us financially, and help to preserve and enhance this important Beaminster landmark. There will be fundraising events for you to support and the committee will always be grateful for any help which might be offered at such an event.

To become a friend please download and complete the following form and return it to the Team Office for the attention of the Treasurer.

Application to become a Friend of St. Mary’s

Parrett and Axe School Explore Easter

Today we had Key Stage 1 children aged four to seven years from Parrett and Axe School visit St Mary’s Mosterton to explore the Easter story.

We talked about Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Day with activities linked to each part of the story. Then the older children joined us in church for a service where we retold the Easter story using our Hosanna banner, Palm leaf spinners, chalk crosses, Lego crosses and butterflies.

We reminded ourselves that the Easter story is about hope and new life, it doesn’t end with sadness on the cross but in joy with the resurrection.

Thank you to members of the congregation at Mosterton and Foundation Governors who supported the morning.

Rolling the Stone Away

When the two Marys went to the tomb that first Easter morning, the last thing they expected was to find it empty. After all, they had just witnessed Jesus crucified, along with most of their dreams. Now duty-bound, they came to prepare his body for burial.

That day they did not come to receive, they came to give. and there is no nobler human aspiration. Service prompted by duty is the hallmark of true discipleship. That is why God calls to love, expecting nothing in return: to give to those who will never thank us; to forgive those who refuse to reciprocate.

As God watched these two woman walking to the tomb that early morning, he had a surprise in store for them. The Bible says that the angel, who ‘went to the tomb, and rolled the stone away,’ said, ‘Come…see the place where his body was’. The angel did not move the stone so that Jesus could get out. The one who conquered death can certainly move a rock. No, he moved the stone so that the woman could look in and rejoice. Why? Because God honours faithfulness: When she was long past childbearing, Sarah believed God and became the mother of nations; when his failure was overwhelming and public, David repented and was pardoned and restored; when the road was darkest for the two Marys, an angel showed up and resurrected their hopes.

If today, or any time in the future, your way seems full of sadness, even despair; if it seems that everything you had hoped and dreamed of is turning into dust before your eyes; when things seem hopeless – don’t get discouraged and don’t give up. The answer is on the way. God always honours faithfulness, and when necessary , he even sends angels. You may not get the answer you had expected, or the solution you have prayed for – but god heeds your prayers and will be faithful to you – and you can trust him to know what and when is best.

This has become ever clearer in our area over the past few years through prayer we saw new ‘things’ starting to happen, new avenues starting to spring open. When we took our minds off prayer these avenues began to narrow and ‘things’ appeared to stop happening. So we re-committed to prayer and the spirit has begun to move in wonderfully surprising ways again, surely this is God being faithful to us because he sees us being faithful to him. So let us continue in our commitment to prayer, not because we seek any reward, but because God calls us to love and to give to those who will never thank us and to forgive those who refuse to reciprocate.

Holy Week 2018

Here are the services for a very busy Holy Week 2018 beginning Monday 26th of March. We do hope to see you celebrate Easter with us.

Monday 26th March
Beaminster 10:00 – Meditation
Beaminster 19:00 – Eucharist
Beaminster 19:45 – Compline
Hooke – 19:00 Compline

Tuesday 27th March
Beaminster 10:00 – Meditation
Beaminster 19:00 – Eucharist
Beaminster 19:45 – Compline
Hooke – 19:00 Compline

Wednesday 28th March
Beaminster 10:00 – Meditation
Beaminster 19:00 – Eucharist
Beaminster 19:45 – Compline

Thursday 20th March (Maundy Thursday)
Beaminster 19:00 – Meditation
Beaminster 19:00-23:00 – HC, Foot Washing, Stripping of the Altar and Vigil

Friday 30th March (Good Friday)
Beaminster 9:45-11:00 – Good Friday Messy Church
Beaminster 12:00-15:00 – Three Hours at the Foot of the Cross
Broadwindsor 10:00 – An Hour at the Foot of the Cross
Burstock, Black & Seaborough  – You are invited to join Broadwindsor for Worship
Drimpton 10:00 – Procession of the cross from Netherhay Chapel and worship at the foot of the Cross
South Perrott – You are invited to join Mosterton for worship
Mosterton 10:00 – An Hour at the Foot of the Cross
Hooke 10:00 – An Hour at the Foot of the Cross
Toller Porcorum – You are invited to join Hooke for worship
Netherbury 10:00 – An Hour at the Foot of the Cross
Melplash – You are invited to join Netherbury for worship
Stoke Abbott 10:00 – An Hour at the Foot of the Cross
Salway Ash – You are invited to join Stoke Abbott for worship

Saturday 31st March (Easter Eve)
Beaminster 10:00 – Meditation
Beaminster 20:00 – Easter Vigil Part 1 – Readings and Silence

Sunday 1st April (Easter Day)
Beaminster 6:00 – Easter Vigil Part 2 – Service of the Light with renewal of baptismal vows and first Eucharist of Easter

The rest of the Easter Day services can be found on the following page.

Hooke Easter Egg Hunt & Coffee Morning

Easter Monday (April 2nd) sees the village of Hooke hold an Easter Egg Hunt & Coffee Morning.

Events get under at way Paulet House Hooke DT8 3PD at 11:00 and last until 13:00.

Coffee and cakes for grownups will be available. There will also be a raffle and tombola.

The cost is £3 per child with all profits in aid of St Giles Church, Hooke.

Do contact:
Pauline Wallbridge 01308 862619
Joy Edwards 01308 862055 /
for further details.

And here’s a Google Maps link for Hooke.



Drimpton 1 – 0 Snow

As the Beast From the East sequel swept through Dorset this morning many people no doubt decided to stay in bed. But for some hardier souls there was the small matter of keeping the church open. In the village of Drimpton 13 of the more intrepid parishioners not only made it to the church, but also cleared the paths and ensured the morning service could go ahead.

Do you have any tales of battling the snow this morning? Let us know in the comments below.

Blackdown Spring Clean Today

Friends of Blackdown church invite all to come and visit this morning during the spring clean and churchyard today.

Your efforts will be rewarded with free coffee and biscuits.

If you would like to help then please bring along a duster, rake or even a strimmer.

For further details contact Philip on 01460 30661.

The event takes place today – Saturday March 17th 10:30-1300.

A Busy Walk In Wednesday

On Wednesdays between 10am and 3pm St Mary’s Church in Beaminster plays host to Walk in Wednesday. The church is open for all to visit – to socialise, find a quiet place to read, to play, to listen to music, to enjoy a brew with friends or just build some Lego.

I popped along there this morning to see what was going on. Increasingly we’re seeing a lot of young families enjoying the space. And it’s great to see both young and old enjoy coming together at the heart of the Beaminster community. There’s something for all ages – we’ve plenty of toys – or if you prefer find a quiet corner with one of our many books. …

Three Churches Walk & Lunch 29th April

Early news now of an event coming up at one of our smaller villages.

The annual Three Churches Walk & Lunch takes place on Sunday April 29th 2018 at Blackdown Village Hall.

All are welcome and events get underway at the Hall from 10.30 with the walkers setting off.

Upon their return, and hopefully having worked up an appetite, lunch will be served at 12:30.

If you’d like more information on this event then call:
Philip 01460 30661/30517 or 07980 864169
John 01308 868379
Philip 01308 867646

For those unsure of the location. The following link will take you to Blackdown Village Hall on Google Maps.

Beaminster & A Rocha ECO Survey

News on the Beaminster Area Team’s ECO credentials from Gill Perrott.

“I’ve had a long standing interest in the environment & conservation being a supporter of Christian environmental charity A Rocha for many years. Last summer Revd Canon David Baldwin asked me if I would like to take on the task of registering our church in the A Rocha ECO Survey. With a bit of trepidation I agreed and that’s where our journey began.


“It seemed a little daunting at first and I thought the best way to start was to submit articles for our Team News magazine. So my monthly contribution began last July. Then the business of working through the survey and gradually bringing some small changes.


“In the autumn I was joined by 5 others to form an ECO Team. This was excellent as it helped share the load and provided new ideas.


“As to the survey the section on land was already very high scoring. We have a keen church gardening group who achieved the Living Churchyard Gold Award 2017. The most difficult section was that of the buildings as our church is listed and church office is rented. However the recently revised survey, which addresses the listed buildings issue helped us with that.


“About a month ago, to raise the profile of ECO Church and inform our congregations we set up a board at the back of church. At about the same time I was able to submit our signed application form for the Bronze Award and we are now the proud owners of one.”

Thanks for keeping us up to date with this Gill.


Community of the Annunciation Prayers

We meet every Thursday evening at 7pm in St Mary’s Church, Beaminster to pray specifically for the spiritual life of the team and the work we do in all our churches to share the good news of Jesus Christ.

Every week we publish prayer prompts to help us to pray and to enable people to join with us in prayer, even if they can’t be with us physically.

Cafe Prayer
Pray, serve, grow 15th March 2018

19:00 Chat and welcome
19:10 Bible reading followed by time of silence
19:30 Time of open prayer
19:45 End with prayer. Chat and feedback what God might be saying to us
20:00 Home

Hebrews 10:19-25 Renewing Hope: How has God renewed your hope this week?

Prayer Points
For Having enough volunteers for mission and outreach events
For Building relationships with young parents and children at Walk in Wednesday
For school Easter activities next week and those supporting them
Ongoing APCMs and recruitment to offices on PCCs, for new work with safeguarding, health and safety, and data protection
For baptisms beginning in April, for people on a journey of faith or new to faith
For a holy week: preparation and worship, for the journey we make and for new revelations of God’s presence and activity

God our Father, renew our hope
By the Holy Spirit’s power strengthen us to pray readily,
serve joyfully and grow abundantly,
rejoicing in Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

We believe that prayer is at the heart of all of our work and without seeking God’s will we can do nothing. We believe that God helps us discern what we should be doing to best serve our communities. We need to listen to him. Our prayer is both silent and out-loud and involves both talking to and listening to each other and God.

Anyone is welcome to join us on any Thursday or join in at home at a time and place that suits them.

40 Acts for Lent

Part of my Lenten discipline is following the 40 Acts blog from UK Charity Stewardship.  Today was particularly interesting, with the Archbishop of Canterbury writing about Evangelism.  Read it for yourself here.

Act 24: Statement