Messy Church 13th June 2020

Messy Church

Gepostet von Beaminster Area Team am Samstag, 13. Juni 2020

Welcome to our Messy Church session.  We are looking at Psalm 139 and how wonderfully we are made. We are going to celebrate how unique we all are, how God knows and loves us all and how we can praise him by being kind to others and taking care of ourselves.

If you make a food face or have a go at a tippy tap do send us a photo of your creation.

Psalm 139 is available in a Lego version

Here is a science activity about finger prints

You can watch a video about using a Tippy Tap here

Here is a great Water Aid video about making a Tippy Tap

And if you would like to twin a tap the details are here

Keep safe and hope to see you soon.