Advent Reflection 11

“When King Herod heard this, he was frightened, and all Jerusalem with him; “ – Matthew 2:3.


This story almost reads like a pantomime story and of course every pantomime has to have a baddy. Here we have the arch baddy of all time, Herod the King. Matthew is not offering us the kind of cosy, picture book story we have created for ourselves out of it with strange but gentle oriental kings bringing gifts to a child in a stable, although note Matthew does not mention a stable.

The story hinges on Matthew telling us that Jesus is the true king of the Jews and old Herod is the false one, a usurper, an imposter. And although Herod died soon after Jesus’ birth, his sons ruled on and did not take kindly to the idea of anyone else claiming to be king of the Jews.


Give thanks to God
For the King has come:
a King who brings peace,
A King who brings healing
A King who shares our weakness,
A gentle King whose name is love.


Consider how we can oppose false powers in the world today.

Rev David Baldwin

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