Advent Reflections 2022 #22

At every carol service I have attended the pinnacle is reached when the first Chapter of St John’s Gospel verse 14 announces ‘And the Word became flesh.’ If the whole world responded to Jesus, the incarnation would be completed.

Sadly as we view our torn and twisted world, it is apparent that it is totally oblivious to the message of Jesus, telling each of us to love our neighbour. If this was acknowledged then creation would be united.

There are shafts of light, aided by the use of technology, incorporating satellite communication, which enables us to see a coming together. Women in Iran flouting the rules enforced by the state that forces them to wear the hijab; COP 27 giving us an insight to discussions between world leaders on climate change, so that when strategies are developed we can monitor progress or otherwise.

We pray that when the incarnation, like the togetherness during the pandemic when we all gave thanks to the NHS, has worked its way through the entire human race, the world in which we are as one, will be a reality.

When love reigns there will be no more sadness, no more pain, but joy, and a wholeness for us all.

– Neville Adams, licensed lay minister

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