Advent Reflections 2022 #27

Advent is putting 28 very similar posts into this website’s CMS, finding an image, spell checking and grammar editing.

Advent is translating three children’s Christmas wish lists into things that can actually be achieved within budget.

Advent is wondering whether we can put the heating on during the day.

Advent is missing two wonderful women who were once the very centre of my life.

Advent is putting purple colouring in my beard.

Advent is missing my wife as she works even harder and longer than usual, and wishing folks appreciated that.

Advent is looking forward to watching Die Hard on Christmas Eve, my annual ritual.

Advent is stocking up the chest freezer early in case we get snowed in close to Christmas, as we have been before.

Advent is waiting in for deliveries that may or may not arrive on schedule.

Advent is missing the years when the children were small bundles of excitement waiting for Father Christmas.

Advent is sometimes a lonely time.

Advent is trying to successfully order one kilogram of sprouts, rather than the one sprout I once accidentally ordered from Tesco.

Advent is a busy place of contrasts in a Vicarage family.

– Harry Neary, just some bloke

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