Advent Reflection 05

“All this took place to fulfill what had been spoken by the Lord through the prophet.” – Matthew 1:22.


Sadly, loneliness has become our most difficult challenge affecting all age groups, in spite of social platforms aiming us to keep in touch with each other. God too needs to interact with us. Initially God expressed his thoughts in words through the prophets, who were identified by their communities as men of God. Their responsibility was to  make people aware of God’s view on issues before decisions were made. The prophet Isaiah, foretold the coming of Jesus to be named Immanuel. Jesus was not named Immanuel. Its meaning, God with us, is in itself an inspiration, giving us hope in times of sadness, anxiety and loneliness. But also in times of celebration. 


God our Father during this festive season when we celebrate the most wondrous event that the world has ever known, showing that you are with us, may we in the midst of our joy look outwards to those who are suffering and seek a quiet moment during our busy lives to listen to your voice so that you are able to reveal your thoughts in words to us. Amen


Make contact with a lonely neighbour.

Neville Adams

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