Advent Reflections 2022 #02

Advent is a time for friendship. It is for many people time for reflecting, preparing for new beginnings. We think traditionally about the birth of Jesus and the challenges his family faced before the joy of his birth.

Preparing for our Christmas festivities can be a time of great happiness. For some in our communities, it can be a time of angst and moments that may not be so joyful. As we prepare to celebrate with our families and friends, be encouraged and reach out to others. Spend time with those you know, seek out new relationships to offer support to those in need. Help can be as simple as a lift to the shops or a listening ear to navigate difficulties together in these uncertain times. Time with those that would like to share our company can be as enriching for others as it is for ourselves. 

Try something new, you may just surprise yourself! Be assured that God is close at hand to guide us as we bring light to those around us this Christmas. Chapter 17, verse 17 from Proverbs reminds us of what being a true friend requires from us – ‘A friend loves at all times’.

– Fiona Case, a member of our Gin Church community

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