Advent Reflections 2022 #07

Mary gave birth to her firstborn, she wrapped him in a blanket and laid him in a manger. Luke 2 v7, The Message.

Advent is a time I look forward to. Each Advent I find I discover new things in the familiar stories and readings. The mystery of Christmas, while bringing comfort, challenges me too. And I’m grateful for the opportunity Advent brings to reflect on how I am living out my faith.

The prayer shawl ministry has become an important part of how I do live it. As I knit a shawl I pray for the person I am making it for. And part of the mystery of this ministry is that those prayers somehow become a part of the fabric of the shawl.

When I give a shawl I tell the recipient that I pray they will be aware of God’s love surrounding them as they use it. I’m humbled by the way in which these shawls do bless those who use them.

I can’t help wondering about that blanket Mary wrapped Jesus in. I wonder if maybe Mary’s mother had woven it and given it to Mary to take with her to Bethlehem. To be a comfort for Mary and ready for Jesus’ birth.

God’s love made flesh, wrapped in a blanket to surround Him with that love. A mystery indeed.

– Barbara Simmonds Lay minister in Beaminster Team

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