Advent Reflections 2022 #08

Advent is yearning for a better world.

The words of Advent summed up in that wonderful carol O Come, O Come Emmanuel convey a longing.  They are the words of a community worn out, pressed in, and very much in need of rescue.  A community with the hope of a better world, which they believed God could give them, alive in their hearts.

So often in Advent our longing tends to be for the hustle and bustle of the Christmas preparations to give way to some down time. For the busyness of work to give us a break. And for the waiting time to pass quickly we allow ourselves daily treats in the form of an Advent calendar.

However, setting our sights a bit higher and wider we too all long for a better world. For the day to day struggles of finance that we or those we know experience to subside. For wars to stop, for a less polluted and more just environment. 

This means praying big prayers, asking for God to intervene, coming with our groaning and longing.  So listen to that well known carol, picturing the world as you wish it to be, praying boldly for the presence of Emmanuel. God with us, to be known and asking God to use us in bringing about the transformation we long for.

– Bishop Karen, Bishop of Sherborne

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