Advent Reflections 2022 #16

Advent is a mixture of very different emotions.
Sadness of missing loved ones.
Joy and excitement of meeting old friends and family.
Tiredness of so many to do lists.
Peace we feel when we give up and surrender to Jesus.

God dwells in us through the Holy Spirit in all that we do and feel, but I don’t always recognise this and often try and do everything in my own strength. I must try to let Jesus in more, through prayer, walking, shopping, doing my daily chores. By bringing God more into my day helps me to see His glory and deal with whatever situation I am faced with.

Father God, forgive us, for so often not recognising and trusting in you in our daily lives. Help us recentre our hearts and minds on your love this Advent and surrender ourselves to Gods Kingdom. Amen

– Helen Smith, lay pastoral assistant and foodbank manager

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