Summer Holiday Activities 2 – Wise & Foolish Builders

We have developed some summer holiday activities and challenges for you. There are four bible stories, each with a video, some suggested activities and a challenge. If you would like to participate in the challenges competition, then email your pictures to our website –

The pictures will go on the website and our social media. If you want to enter the challenge competitions but don’t want your photos public then just mention that in your email. 

These activities replace our normal summer holiday activities when we gather together at village halls for crafts, activities and sports. Hopefully next year we will see you all again in person, but for now enjoy joining in virtually. 

The Wise & Foolish Builders

What makes people wise or foolish? What is the wisest thing you have ever done? What values do you think Jesus wants us to build our lives on?


Lego or Duplo or building blocks
You can find loads of Lego challenges online, we have printed one out for you. 

Lego Games

  • Build in only one colour – what can you make? Scoop out a cup full of Lego, what can you make with only those bricks?
  • Can you make some of the scenes out of our bible stories? 
  • What about the tallest tower? Keep building until you can’t reach or give each person a limited number of bricks and see what they can build.
  • Make the fastest car. Build a Lego car then race it down a ramp or along the floor. Whose wins? 
  • What about having a go at Lego animation? Here is a really simple starting blog post – but you will need a tablet or smart phone.

Junk Modelling

  • What can you build out of your recycling? Could you make a boat, a rocket, a robot, a castle?  Have a look in your recycling box to see what you can use. 
  • Try rolling up sheets of newspaper and masking tape. What can you build? 
  • Could you make a bridge to support a toy car? Or a tall tower? 

Pebble and Nature Sculpture
If you go to the beach can you make a pebble sculpture? Can you make a picture in the sand? Or what about using twigs and leaves in your garden? Look here for some inspiration

Collect Sticks
Can you make a tower out of sticks, how tall Is your tower? What about make a house out of sticks, or perhaps a bug house?

What will help us build friendships? Draw around your hand and add a picture of you and a friend.


Look at the ingredients in our meal. What/who helped us build this meal? What did you make today? What were you pleased with? What needed some help or making differently? What are the wise choices you made today?


Lord God, help us to be wise, to make wise decisions, to learn from our mistakes and to listen to you. Amen


Make a sculpture or picture from pebbles or things you find in your garden or decorate a rock. Take a picture and send it to us. Or send us a picture of your Lego creations.