Summer Holiday Activities 4 – Walking On Water

We have developed some summer holiday activities and challenges for you. There are four bible stories, each with a video, some suggested activities and a challenge. If you would like to participate in the challenges competition, then email your pictures to our website –

The pictures will go on the website and our social media. If you want to enter the challenge competitions but don’t want your photos public then just mention that in your email. 

These activities replace our normal summer holiday activities when we gather together at village halls for crafts, activities and sports. Hopefully next year we will see you all again in person, but for now enjoy joining in virtually. 

Walking On Water

What would it have been like on the boat in the storm, how would the disciples have felt? I wonder why Jesus didn’t go with them? I wonder why he walked across the water to them? I wonder whether you think Peter was brave or made? What do you think Jesus was trying to teach Peter?


Science Experiment
Try a science experiment with water, a plastic bag and a pencil

Water Painting
Take some water and a paintbrush and go painting outside on the patio or a wall. What can you paint before it evaporates?

Origami Water Bombs

Boat Making
Can you make a boat that floats? Try plastic trays from the recycling, foil cake cases, a milk bottle lid, cocktail stick, blutak and paper sail works well. How big can you make it before it sinks? How much can it hold, try loading it with coins or Lego. Or could you make a Lego boat? What about a paper one? Try sailing them in the bath, the sink or in the paddling pool or a tray of water outside.

Bubble Snakes
Best to do outside. Cut off the bottom of a plastic bottle, cover the cut end with a sock, make some bubble solution using water and washing up liquid. Dip the sock in the water, then blow and watch what happens.

Chalk Pictures
Use your chalk to draw pictures on the patio, driveway or pavement. You can leave them or use some water to wash them away. 

Ice Play
A fun idea for little people. Freeze small toys in water, you can do small items in an ice cube tray or use small plastic containers. Give the children the frozen toys to play with on a tray or in a bowl and get them to guess what it is. Talk about water changing state: water, ice, melting, evaporation. Or try a water absorption experiment. What material soaks up the water? 


Discuss water and how it is essential for life. Talk about how we can save water and not waste it. Think about how easy it is for us to have water and how it can be hard if there is no access to clean water. Think about how scared the disciples must have been in the storm, yet Jesus told them not to be afraid. How can we help other people to not be afraid?


Lord God, help us to not be afraid, to trust in you, to know you are always with us, helping us. Help us to help others too.


Create the longest bubble snake you can and send a picture to us.Make something out of playdough or air dry clay and send us a picture of it.